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Hello, I’m Dave Nowlan. I cycled from Encinitas, Calif., to Cape Cod, Mass. from April 22 through May 28, 2012 in an effort to raise awareness of Multiple Sclerosis (MS), and to help fund research for a cure. My wife, Claire, and daughter, Julia, both have MS. I broke my back in a sledding accident almost three years ago; I’m the luckiest guy in the world to have recovered without being paralyzed and was able to ride this long cross continent adventure. Click on this link to “my story” for more information and why I continue riding. Here is a link to Information about MS

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Day 24 - Indianna Wants Me

We broke into Indiana today and we've also transitioned into the eastern time zone.  This was a great feeling and feels like progress.  I did 94 miles today, mostly atributable to the lack of a head wind.  Here's the link to today's route on US 40.   I also passed the 2,000 mile mark, a very good day. The weather was beautiful.

The road surface on the shoulder was difficult today, especially in the afternoon.  The road surface included cracks, bumps, and overall rough surfaces. After about 4 hours of banging around my rear end was feeling the brunt of it all.  So I decided to invest in a new bike saddle.  After today's ride we ended up in Plainfield and Claire, my SAG manager, found a great bike shop called "Gear Up".  So I rode in and Jeff Kindom worked with me to ensure I got just the right seat.  Thanks to Jeff and all the great staff for cushioning the ride.

Then we had the best meal of the trip at Sal's Italian restaurant, where Lucas did a great job serving us great authentic meals.

Terre Haute IN City Hall


  1. Hey Dave I saw you out on the bike trail in Plainfield yesterday. I also posted your blog on Good luck on the rest of your ride!

  2. Great interview Claire! Very much like a 60 Minutes segment - good informational update on the trip. Good to see the weather has been in our favor. Keep up the unbelievable effort Dave - and glad to see you have found new comfort for your rear end!

  3. It was a great interview; Dave looks so cool and relaxed. I wish I could've heard him better. Oh, well. Keep it up , you're both doing wonderfully! LOVU, Sue

  4. Love you guys! Hope the new seat brings you weeks of comfort! xoxo

  5. We're so glad you visited our shop! We loved meeting you and are supporting you all the way. Glad you liked Sal's...isn't it DELICIOUS!? Not sure if you met him or not but he is a true Italian and makes everything in true Italian style. He bought a bike here last fall and rides it all the time around town.

    Again, it was great meeting you and we wish you much success and happiness on your journey! We'll be following you!

    The GearUp Staff