Here's the story of why I'm riding across america

Hello, I’m Dave Nowlan. I cycled from Encinitas, Calif., to Cape Cod, Mass. from April 22 through May 28, 2012 in an effort to raise awareness of Multiple Sclerosis (MS), and to help fund research for a cure. My wife, Claire, and daughter, Julia, both have MS. I broke my back in a sledding accident almost three years ago; I’m the luckiest guy in the world to have recovered without being paralyzed and was able to ride this long cross continent adventure. Click on this link to “my story” for more information and why I continue riding. Here is a link to Information about MS

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Day 29 - The Ride to Painsville

We began today in Wooster, OH with Claire noticing a quote on plaque, which was hanging on the hotel lobby wall. It read "Everyday is a Gift".  This became our motto for today's ride.

A few days ago I had painstakingly navigated today's route, selecting Painsville, OH as the target based on its location.  This morning I reviewed the route and thought there may be a better way.  I plugged Painsville into Google maps and selected the cycling route.  Voila'! Google's route was completely different, including a couple of bike paths, and was 10 miles shorter.  I decided to change to this route at the last minute.  It was a great decision!

This route set us up for one of the best days of the expedition.  The weather was ideal and the pace was a little slower for various reasons.   The sights and the variation kept things fun and interesting all day. Claire and I had to split up due to the bike paths and side roads.  Claire drove the highways and we planned meeting points along the way for my refueling, etc. I rode about 93 miles today. Here's the link to a map of today's ride

We arrived in Cleveland during the afternoon and there was a 1/2 marathon underway.  Cleveland rocks!

While we ended the ride in Painsville today, (a very nice town).  Today was anything but painful. 

Everyday is a gift..

Cleveland "The Emerald City" (high road)

The Fountain of Eternal Life (War Hero Memorial)


  1. Hi Dave and Claire - sounds like Sunday was a beautiful day for you guys. So glad you were able to take a day off the other day and be refreshed for the last leg of your journey. Can't believe you only have a week or so left! We wish you a safe rest of the way home to Cape Cod!
    xxoo Ginny, Steve & John

  2. Love you! I am surprised that was your first covered bridge. You are doing great! xoxo